Benefits Of Solar Installations

The Key Benefits To The End Customer Of Solar Installations

The key benefits to the end customer of solar installations include:

1. Environmentally Friendly sustainable energy production

2. Increased property value

3. Reduction of Power Bills

4. Generation of your own electricity

5. Valuable long term investment

Currently Government rebates are available for the installation of PV solar systems on residential housing, making it affordable. Prior to the establishment of government rebates systems being installed were small less than 3kw for a considerable price rendering them unaffordable for a lot of householders.

In our sunshine rich state, Western Australia receives an average of 10 hours/days sunshine per year, equating to high levels of solar energy and a faster payback periods. According to the Australian Energy Market, solar now presents the state grid’s biggest collector, accounting for almost 700MW of capacity.

The amount of Government Rebate is calculated on the size and location of the system being installed.

With the recent announcement of the intention to shutdown coal fire power units at Collie Muja Power Station, Synergy chief executive Jason Waters said the decision to retire the units was a reflection of the changing face of the energy market.

"The generation market is continuing to evolve, introducing greater levels of residential solar power and large-scale renewable generation, and this is displacing the demand for traditional coal-fired baseload power," he said.

Keeping the two ageing generators operating continue to lead to higher energy bills and an unstable electricity supply, this is driving more and more households to consider solar power.